Diplomacy and international careers

The Institute has arranged a series of seminars and courses on Diplomacy and International Careers since 1987. The courses range from a general overviewof relevant international organisations and participation in orientation activities for new graduates to advanced courses on diplomacy and international studies. These multiple activities are possible due to collaboration between the Institute and other organisations of an international nature operating in Turin. These include: the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the UN Staff College, the ETF and UNICRI.

Postgraduate – Advanced course in diplomacy and international studies

Since 1987, the Institute, with assistance from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has offered an Advanced course in diplomacy and international studies. The course offers a diverse range of training opportunities for Italians who are aspiring to a career in this field. Thus far, around 450 graduates have participated in the course, with a significant number having succeeded in passing the competitive tests for entry into a diplomatic career or are now working in non-governmental international organisations.

On-line Courses

As of 2012, the Institute, in collaboration with Equilibri, has run a course on Diplomacy and International relations to be offered in an on-line format. This fills a big gap for specialised training in geopolitics, providing the expertise and experience of traditional teaching methods with the ease, access and flexibility of distance learning.

Working papers

The library and the Documentation Centre also provide many support resources for the research and publication of studies and papers relating to various subject areas. For specific working papers, a series has been established under the title DSE – Diplomacy and Security in Europe, coordinated by Professor Luigi Bonanate.