Founded in 1952, the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE) is the result of the collaboration between the University of Turin, the City of Turin and the Province of Turin. It is a non-profit organisation for education and research relating to Europe as a whole, aiming to prepare experts and executives for an international career.

The Institute

  • Organises courses and conferences
  • Coordinates research
  • Publishes books, journals, newsletters and other texts
  • Coordinates a documentation centre holding various resources and information on international organisations.

As a recognised European Documentation Centre, the Institute plays a key role in the development of specialised activities directed at both private and public subjects.

The library is an invaluable instrument for research and teaching. It is in a constant state of evolution and documents relating to new areas of study and research are continually added to the existing materials.

Since its launch, the Institute has been recognised as a European Documentation Centre (EDC) by the EU. As a result, it has dedicated particular attention to the collection and classification of documents published by European Institutions.

The EDC in Torino is one of the few in Italy to have all documents published under the European Union since its inception.