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The Institute offers an increasing specialised approach to the field of international trade as a result of several years of experience.

The Institute has provided postgraduate training in this area since the 80’s with a course on “New Trends in International Trade” and a pioneering branch of executive training for professionals on issues relating to international contracts (P.A.F.T – Programma Avanzato di Formazione Transnazionale, or Advanced Transnational Training Program).

Issues relating to international trade have been present in research work and publications of the IUSE since the 80’s.

Postgraduate – Master

Since 1991 the IUSE, in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the ILO, has organised the postgraduate course in international trade law. In 2010 the course was transformed into a masters degree (the L.L.M. in International Trade Law).

Documentation and Working Papers

The subject of “International trade law” has always played a pivotal role in the activities, research and training conducted by the IUSE. As a result, the library has a vast collection of books and other resources on the topic.

The staff of the Institute have compiled a selection of books, articles and standards on the issue, so as to meet the needs of participants of the master and researchers that work in this field, with the aim of publishing research work and working papers.

Executive courses

With years of experience and a strong base of materials and training, the Institute is able to design executive training courses on issues relating to international trade law. The courses are specifically for professionals, consultants, lawyers and law firms and can be conducted under the subject matter of negotiation and drafting of international contracts, dispute resolution, trademarks and patents, agency and distribution contracts, international payments, competition law, corporate law etc. These courses may also be arranged in collaboration with other centres and institutions in the region.