Since 1991 IUSE, in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the ILO, has organised the postgraduate course in International Trade Law. In 2010 the course was transformed into a master degree (the L.L.M. in International Trade Law).

The course represents innovation in education, endeavouring to unite the secular college experience and Turin academia with the United Nations in the Turin area, through the main training institute, the International Training Centre of the ILO. This collaboration between the academic world and the UN system has expanded and integrated with other partner organisations: University of Fribourg (CH), Autonomous University of Madrid, UNCITRAL and UNIDROIT.

The master is conducted entirely in English and divided into three phases: a distance learning phase (November-January), a face-to-face segment (February – June) and a section dedicated to writing of the final thesis (June – November)

During the face-to-face period of the course, attendance is compulsory.

Numerous topics are covered during the course with particular emphasis placed on:

  • The origins and evolution of the international trading system
  • Contract drafting
  • Legal aspects of international contract negotiation
  • Prevalent and important contracts in international trade
  • Antitrust regulation
  • Payment instruments, guarantee and protection of foreign investment
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution

The master combines traditional teaching exercises such as case studies, simulations and moot courts with other educational activities tailored specifically to legal practice and the formation and drafting of contracts, from the negotiation period to possible eventual conflict resolution.