The course (launched in April 2013 jointly with Accompany S.r.l.) provides an in-depth analysis, bothpractical and theoretical, of the negotiation techniques and of the fundamentals of the international and national contract law, from drafting contract to disputes resolution that the company may face managing the day by day commercial activities.

The course (4 days as a week-end formula) aims at building economic-legal professionals highly qualified who are able to successfully handle international and national commercial negotiations.

For all above, the course is designed to appeal:

  • professionals (lawyers, accountants, paralegal and advisors)
  • in-house counsels,
  • managers and officers
  • entrepreneurs

The learning subject are (among others):

  • negotiation techniques
  • hidden meaning of the verbal and para-verbal communication
  • commercial contract negotiation (with particular focus on supply and commercialization arrangements as well as procurement contracts)
  • international contracts analysis of the most important contract clauses

The lecturers are lawyers, in-house counsels and psychologists expert of coaching.