Research projects and publications


The research activities of the Institute are aimed at deepening study into areas that are at the centre of its cultural activities and training, such as:

  • citizenship, society and European governance
  • European legislation and its impact on local and international production
  • international trade and industrial cooperation
  • international and cultural relations as development tools
  • comparisons of legal systems

The Institute intends to amass activities (training-research-publication) around specific cultural elements, in which certain courses, research projects, working papers and publications will be organised and presented.


In the past, the Institute focused primarily on research and publications. Currently, all activities follow specific themes based around cultural issues. These issues are the basis for which courses; research projects, working papers and publications are orientated.

Specifically, these are to:

  • Continue the focus on news and information (e.g. With the Bollettino Euroregione or Euro Region newsletter, created by the IUSE since 1978)
  • Resume the traditional approach of the IUSE to publish works and studies in the Institutes series (you may recall contributions from these authors: Paolo Biscaretti di Ruffia, Richard Bailey, Roy Jenkis, Robert Triffin, Rolf Wägenbaur, Gaston Thorn, Alfonso Di Giovine, Andrea Comba)
  • Launch new publishing initiatives focused on recent cultural issues (e.g. the working papers or the continuing training within various courses).