European project planning

The Institute began offering study and research options in the area of European Project Planning in 2005. The initial course was a specialisation in of European Project Planning aimed at spreading the principles of the Project Cycle Management(PCM) and to the establishment of a practical instrument for the development and management of projects managed by the European Union.

There is still a notable difference between willingness to participate in EU proposals and the capacity to plan. There is thus a need to provide useful support documentation and training to improve the quality of the projects submitted by Italian operators who are applying for funding.

Executive and postgraduate courses

These courses have been designed to provide training opportunities in European Project Planning. This is achieved through illustration of the principles and techniques necessary for construction, management and evaluation of certain projects. The projects analysed utilise the principles of Project Cycle Management (PCM) and are financed by the EU. The courses have changed over time, in terms of topic and type of recipient.

The courses are aimed in particular at professionals working in both public and private entities, companies, research centres, non-profit organisations, universities, consultants and teachers or professors. A training model in European Project Planning is also proposed to the participants of the Law & Business in Europe course.


The European Documentation Centre offers interested members information on EU sources of funding and other related sites.

European projects

The Institute participates in partnerships for the presentation of projects financed by the EU through various themed programmes.