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The course is concentrated on the specific aspects of how English is used as a working language in the European Union. This includes identifying the more distinctive linguistic forms utilised in different professional situations as well as legal and business English. The participants, in addition to addressing and analysing these issues, will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the use and management of legal and commercial tools. Through the in depth course, candidates will be able to: understand and process the preparatory documents, prepare presentations for meetings, prepare minutes and reports.

The teachers involved in this program are: mother tongue English speaking professionals, EU legal experts in recent legal developments, language assistants who are well versed in the preparation of case studies and reports.

The course is primarily directed towards: graduates and professionals interested in working with or within EU institutions and agencies; graduates and professionals who have passed the pre selection phase of the EU competitions and who wish to further develop their ability to communicate in English, both verbally and written, graduates and professionals working in companies or law firms who wish to increase the effectiveness of their oral and written communication in English.